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Quick Bramble Blackberry Jam Recipe

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Quick Bramble  Blackberry Jam Recipe

This Quick Bramble  Blackberry Jam Recipe is a perfect recipe for the crop of hedgerow blackberries this year. This recipe takes about an hour from start to finish. The jam will not keep for more than 6 weeks if it does not get eaten before then... For different quantities just use 1/2 the amount of sugar per amount of fruit. If you use preserving sugar you will not need the lemons. I sieved some of the jam to remove the pips for my kids.

Please Note: The recipe image displayed may not be an exact likeness of the Quick Bramble Blackberry Jam Recipe finished dish


To make Quick Bramble  Blackberry Jam Recipe you will need the following ingredients:
4lb / 2kg blackberries
2lb / 1kg sugar
2 lemons - juice and rind
3oz water


  1. To make Quick Bramble  Blackberry Jam Recipe:
    • Wash the blackberries thoroughly in a colander
    • Place the blackberries, lemon and water into a large deep, heavy bottomed pan and stew over a gentle heat for 20 mins or until the fruit is soft
    • Remove from heat and use a hand blender to blend the fruit to get rid of any big lumps
    • Return to the gentle heat and slowly stir in all the sugar
    • Stir until the sugar has dissolved
    • Put a large bowl and 6 jam jars into the oven to warm through
    • Turn up the heat to high and bring to the boil
    • Boil hard for 8 minutes or until the jam has reached setting point
    • To find this out simply spoon a little jam onto a cold plate and put it in the fridge for a minute, then push the jam with a spoon, if it does not immediately run back to its originaly position you have reached a set
    • Take the bowl out of the oven and sieve as much of the mixture as you like into it to make seedless bramble jam. The rest you can put straight into the jam jars
    • Transfer the seedless mixture into the remaining jam jars
    • Delicious!
Preparation time (duration): 5 mins
Cooking time (duration): 30-40 mins
Number of servings (yield): 4-6 jars
Meal type: No Preference
Culinary tradition: No Preference

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